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To document, preserve and educate about trails, wilderness lands, and waterways throughout the U.S. in hopes to secure these gems for future generations.

  • sMarch 2016 document and mark the Hayduke Trail in Utah for the preservation and safety for our fellow hikers and explorers. This project includes many of our sponsors and own members donating time, effort and resources to create a lasting impact for generations to come. 
  • August 2015 Expedition Member Michelle Landry embarks on her journey to be the first Solo female thru-hiker of the Great Himalayan Trail upper section. 

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We are a nonprofit company run by a team of adventurist searching for new discoveries while helping our fellow explorers. As activist for the Conservation of national parks, preservation of local trails and documentation of explorations, we are devoted to sharing our endeavors and the world around us. We spend virtually all of our time gathering extensive knowledge about trails as we trek through them as well as the gain further insight from all of our members.Our organization donates time and funds to assist the efforts of conservation and preservation of where we explore. With our outreach to publish about these efforts, we strive to bring awareness of these trails and the importance to maintain them for all to enjoy. As we continue our mission we wish to inspire others to explore themselves and find these values we share and join us to be a part of something that continues for many generations. 


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Trails, wilderness lands and waterways