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To preserve, document, educate and explore trails and Wilderness lands Globally in hopes to secure these gems for future generations. 

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 for future generations 

The Hayduke Trail, Utah USA

Mt. Rinjani, Lombok Indonesia

The Great Himalayan Trail, Nepal

The Triple Crown of Hiking, USA

We have lots to share, check back as we are constantly updating here. 



"Our goal is to preserve the cultural and historical identity of trails and wilderness land around the world. We document these areas of importance and we share our writings, photos, and videos for the education purposes of future generations to preserve. We strive to create an inspiration for people to take action, to explore and experience what these trails and lands have to offer. So help us #preservethepath and in doing so will discover a whole new world"

                                                                                                                         -Sven De Roch

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